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Have your been served with papers from the Office of Attorney General Child Support Division? Are you an unwed parent and the child’s mother or father is not  paying child support? You should contact an attorney experienced in establishing paternity. Derbha H. Jones is an experienced paternity attorney who fights for the rights of  parents. If you have been served, you must go to the hearing or the other side may get everything that they request.

A child born to a man and woman who are not married, has not legal father under Texas Law, until proper steps have been taken. The father cannot enforce his rights to visitation or possession of the child until paternity is established.

The sooner paternity is established for a child, back child support obligation is less and the parent’s possession scheduled is established.

The sooner paternity is established for a child, back child support obligation is less, and the parent’s possession schedule is established.

When there is a question of paternity and you are in need of an Attorney to assist you in this process, Contact the Law Office of Derbha H. Jones to explain and guide you through the process. Many clients have questions about the paternity process specifically who can bring suit. Paternity suits can be brought by any of the following:

  • Child placement agency
  • Mother
  • Husband
  • Any man who claims to be the father

The Texas Family Code outlines in detail parental rights, powers and obligations and the Law Office of Derbha H. Jones is available to assist Denton and Cooke County residents with suits and questions related Paternity issues. The Denton Paternity Lawyer has the experience in family law to provide each client with the professional and personalized service needed, before and after the paternity issues have been resolved. Once the determination of child’s parentage has been adjudicated there are many benefits and future rights related to the child, That include:

  • Health insurance
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Military Benefits
  • Child Support

Denton Paternity Attorney

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