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Going through a divorce, child custody dispute, or any matter involving family law is not only difficult, but can wreak havoc in the lives of all involved. Derbha H. Jones represents clients in need of a Denton County Family Law Attorney, or in need of a Cooke County Family Law Attorney. Derbha H. Jones will help you explore your options for resolution, from mediation, informal settlement agreements, marital property agreements, to litigation if the matter cannot be amicably resolved. Every person going through divorce, child custody disputes or other family law matters, faces a different set of challenges. Legal matters can be resolved using a friendly and respectful process or the divorce or family law matter can be highly contentious seemingly never-ending dispute. You have a choice in the method by which your divorce or family law dispute is resolved. Contact Derbha H. Jones today for personal attention and experienced guidance for your legal needs.

  • Divorce: Contested Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, Mediation, Collaborative Law, Marital Property division, Child Custody, No-fault divorce, Annulment, Protective orders, Injunctions, Agreed Divorce, Separate property, Community property division.
  • Child Custody: Child Custody Modifications, Child Possession Schedule, Child Protective Services (CPS), Grandparent Rights, Protective Orders, Enforcement of Child Support, Enforcement of Possession, Adoptions, Father’s Rights, Termination of Parental Rights, Paternity, Name changes, Parental Rights.
  • Child Support: Modification of Child Support, Child Support Enforcement, OAG Enforcement cases.
  • Adoptions: Private adoptions, Foster Parent adoptions, Step-parent adoptions, Child Protective Service Cases (CPS), Grandparent adoptions, Termination of parental rights, Parental Rights.