Has a Representative from Child Protective Services appeared at your door with allegations of child abuse or neglect of a child. Contact an attorney early, to help you through the process. Be respectful towards the CPS representative. If you are in need of  experienced representation to handle your CPS Case. Derbha H. Jones and staff can provide the personal services you need. Our staff will work with you and provide guidance to assist you through the this legal process.

If your grandchild has been placed with you as a result of CPS removal, contact the Law Office of Derbha H. Jones, early in the case so that you can establish your rights legally. A CPS case can take up to one year or eighteen months before  a conclusion is reached. Until you have court ordered rights to your grandchild, CPS has the authority to remove the child from your home at any time.

Judges in CPS cases make determinations in the best interest of the child and will often err on the side of caution to protect the child. As a parent whose child has been removed, you will be ordered to participate in many services and you will have several people representing your child’s best interest including the CPS caseworker, CASA advocate, attorney ad litem for the child as well as therapist and others.

Contact the Law Office of Derbha H. Jones to assist you through the CPS confusing process.

Do not wait until it is too late to turn things around.